Bracewell’s Buddies

Bracewell’s “manages to be quaint without being twee; compact without feeling cramped; and – best of all – adventurous and surprising with its food without being pretentious”

Tom Ogg

“Diners can always be assured of a friendly, welcoming smile from Mary and an excellent meal, skillfully prepared by Daniel – that is why I never hesitate in recommending Bracewell’s.”

 Alan Webb


Having eaten in most of St Aubins restaurants we consider that Bracewell’s to be the best
with respect to quality of food, service and overall ambience.

Cecilia Tosh, Edinburgh

“The Chef is an artist, he has a wide “palette” of so many spices that makes a “bouquet” of flavours and tastes for every plate on his menus”.

Pierre Hainard, Switzerland

Horseradish Ice Cream served with Rocket and Parmesan 
Some people have it as a starter, some as a middle course and some have it for dessert… and a comment one customer made was “This is ridiculous, but my taste buds tell me I’m enjoying it!”

Happy customers and wonderful food from around the world